GeoExploraciones S.A

GeoExploraciones Inc. is an engineering enterprise focused on the area of geophysics, geology and geodesy. Since 1974 has been giving technical assistance and services on the area of mining seeking and works of civil engineering to the most diverse private and government enterprises.


The specialty field of GeoExploraciones Inc. cover works of:

  • Geophysical studies on mining seeking projects, like: Magnetometrics, induced polarization, resistivity, electromagnetism, gravimetric, radiometric and seismic refraction, some of these being applicable techniques from aerial mobile platforms, sea platforms and also profound shafts.
  • Geophysical studies seeking underground water sources. Geophysical studies on geotechnical analysis of big civil works such as, hydroelectric power stations, irrigated reservoirs, ports and highways.
  • Geological studies for preliminary projects, reserves evaluations and development of mining deposits.
  • Topographic and geodesy, applied to the most diverse engineering fields, tachometric uplifting, measurement, land registry of mining property and support for aero photometrical restitutions.
  • Aerial laser topography for precision control of great projects where simultaneous scales for basic engineering and detailed engineering are needed.
  • Computation and system analysis. Development of computing systems applied to geophysics, topography and geodesy, mining land registry, deposit evaluations and various applications.

The enterprise is directed by its associate director, mister:
Alfredo Eisenberg Grimberg: Ph.D. and master in Geophysics, California University, (Berkeley),
electronics civil engineer (University of Chile).

The Headquarters of GeoExploraciones Inc. are located in the district of Las Condes, Evaristo Lillo st 78, Santiago de Chile. It has the sufficient infrastructure to allow the install of the required equipment for the execution of the works, such as: Drawing room, computers and servers, equipment maintenance laboratory and vehicle parking space.